Brexit could hamper Denmark’s chances of negotiating effective Europol agreement

It could turn into an uphill battle, feels political commentator Peter Mogensen

If Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23, Denmark’s own ‘No’ vote during it’s 3 December 2015 referendum could come back to haunt it, contends a top political commentator, Peter Mogensen.

Denmark is hoping to negotiate an agreement that would enable it to remain a part of the pan-European police organisation Europol – and its efforts may be hampered depending on how the upcoming vote goes.

Uphill battle 
Morgensen, who was interviewed on TV2’s Tirsdagsanalysen, said the negotiations would become difficult if the UK leaves the EU.

“If Brexit does indeed happen, who will pick up the phone in Brussels and talk to Denmark about a Europol agreement? In my opinion, it’s going to be an uphill battle,” he said.

Denmark is hoping to finalise an agreement before 1 May 2017, when new Europol reforms will be put into place.