Coop yanks alcohol-laced popsicles from shelves

Supermarket chain won’t sell items that contain alcohol and can be confused as candy

The Danish supermarket giant Coop has decided to pull the controversial alcohol-laced push-up popsicle ‘N1ce’ from its shelves.

The popsicle, which contains 5 percent alcohol and comes in flavours like mojito, margarita and daiquiri, is already big in Sweden, but Coop has pulled the rug before its launch in Denmark has really taken off.

“Principally, we don’t want to sell things that contain alcohol that can be confused as candy by children,” Jens Juul Nielsen, the head of information at Coop, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“However, I just heard about a case in which a distributor had circumvented Coop and sold them directly to a shop and we will remove them and ask the distributor to come and fetch them right away.”

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N1ce in Sweden
Dansk Supermarked, the other big supermarket chain in Denmark, has revealed it also rejected the popsicle six months ago.

The frozen treat was launched in Sweden last year and some 1.5 million have been sold thus far.

While N1ce won’t be available at Coop supermarkets, it can be obtained at a few Danish shops, Bakken and several summer festivals.