Roskilde of politics set for its own mudbaths

Gabriele Dellisanti
June 15th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Folkemødet will kick off tomorrow in heavy rain that will get heavier … and heavier … and heavier

It’s going to be like one of those nightmare weddings where the roof of the marquee collapses due to the amount of water (photo: Alfred Grupstra)

Folkemødet (June 16-19) is often referred to as the Roskilde of politics, but it’s not normally known for its mudbaths.

But this weekend threatens to be a washout – and no, we’re not talking about the political kind.

As much as 40 mm on Friday
Heavy rain is forecast for both the politics festival on Bornholm and also in east Zealand on Friday, with up to 40 mm expected on the island and 25 mm in the capital.

“We expect heavy precipitation over eastern Zealand, the Copenhagen area and Bornholm, where there will also be hail,” Mette Wagner, a meteorologist at DMI, told the Copenhagen Post.

It’s going to be wet
“In the capital, heavy precipitation may lead to up to 25 millimeters of rainfall on Friday.”

DMI has published a chart that shows the amount of rain expected to fall on northern Zealand and Copenhagen until Sunday is as much as 55 millimetres of rain..


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