One in five Danes believe that support for graduate programs should be cut

Not surprisingly, the response depends on the age of the respondent

One in five Danes believes that state support (SU) for graduate programs should be abolished.

But while 32 percent of those asked between the ages of 60 and 74 say the SU should be scrapped, only 10 percent of young people aged 16-29 agree with that assessment.

The question of SU for master’s programs was one of 27 that Danmarks Statistiks looked at overnight as part of its day-to-day polling during Folkemødet on Bornholm.

Kids need to move
Other results from the survey revealed that 70 percent of Danes thought  children were not getting enough exercise.

Some 49 percent believed getting the kids away from Minecraft was up to their parents and 48 percent believed that the responsibility should be shared between the parents and the schools. Only 3 percent said that getting kids to exercise was solely up to the schools.

As sharing services businesses like Airbnb continue to battle to gain a foothold in Denmark, 12 percent of Danes said that they used Airbnb or a similar service to rent a room or accommodation in private homes, while 34 percent said they could see themselves doing so in the future.

Only 2 percent have actually rented out their own home through one of the accommodation-sharing services.

Moving to the country
And speaking of living spaces, 41 percent said could see themselves living in the countryside or a small town within the next 10 years. It is especially those aged 30-59 who long for the bucolic lifestyle.

All of the questions and answers from today’s study can be viewed at (in Danish).