Blue bloc to invest more in organic farming

Over 1,000 Danish farmers have sought financial support to expand organic production or to convert

The blue bloc parties are ready to invest 310 million kroner to support Danish farmers in their efforts to expand their organic food production or to help them convert from conventional farming to organic.

Since the 1990s, the state has been receiving between 100 and 200 applications for organic farming subsidies annually, but the interest to convert really took off last year.

This year alone, some 1,028 farm owners have applied for the state subsidies, of whom 513 are newbies who still need to find out if they are actually eligible to receive the support.

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Sales and exports growing
In 2014, it was estimated some 176,000 hectares of agricultural land were used for organic farming, and this year the area could be expanded by an additional 41,000 hectares.

There are currently 3,189 organic holdings in Denmark.

In 2014, exports of organic produce increased to 1.7 billion kroner and sales to Danish canteens, hotels and restaurants rose to 1.3 billion kroner.

Last year, sales at Danish supermarkets and shops reached nearly 7 billion kroner.