Government to force the unemployed to seek jobs across Denmark

Lucie Rychla
June 16th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Venstre wants people to relocate to other parts of the country if they can get a job there

The government is proposing the unemployed look for work across the country and relocate if it would help them get a job, reports TV2.

Venstre suggests changing the current rules that only require the unemployed to seek jobs within a three-hour radius from their home. Instead, the party would like to see them look for work further afield if necessary.

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To ensure economic growth
It is crucial that companies can get the manpower they need. It is a prerequisite for ensuring future growth and prosperity,” Jørn Neergaard Larsen, the employment minister, wrote to TV2.

We can see there are industries and places in the country where companies have difficulties finding employees, and we want to do something to prevent bottlenecks from slowing down growth.”

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Not a human rights violation
Laura Lindahl, the employment spokesperson for Liberal Alliance, said the party fully supports the government’s proposal.

It is not a human right to live at a particular place and receive social benefits at the same time,” Lindahl told TV2.

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Totally unacceptable
However, both Enhedslisten and SF resolutely oppose the idea.

“Quite frankly it’s incredulous of the government to come up with such a suggestion,” Finn Sørensen, the employment spokesperson for Enhedslisten, told TV2.

“They have just totally changed the system with their unemployment benefits reform, which has resulted in a number of impairments, and now they want even more. I hope that LO [the Danish confederation of trade unions] will say a resolute no to these demands for further deterioration.”


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