Huge increase in Danish sales to the United Nations

UN organsiations procured for about 3.7 billion kroner last year

Danish companies selling to the UN organisations such as Unicef, UNDP and WHO have seen a 33 percent increase in sales compared to last year.

Danish companies sold for about 3.7 billion kroner to the UN last year and Denmark has now jumped from ninth to seventh in the world in terms of being a UN distributor.

“It’s impressive that Danish companies are performing so well in the international competition of delivering goods and services to the UN,” said the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen.

“But it’s also important because Danish companies deliver quality products within humanitarian aid, health, transport etc to the world’s flashpoints. These areas need the best private players who – in co-operation with governments, civil societies and locals – can create decent conditions for refugees and contribute to generating sustainable development.”

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Copenhagen calling
Yesterday, Jensen opened a UN procurement seminar in the UN City in Copenhagen with 160 Nordic companies, including 55 from Denmark and procurers from UN organisations will take part.

The UN’s total procurement budget is at about 113 billion kroner, and a large portion of the Danish export to the UN takes place via the UN offices in Copenhagen.