Danish companies among the top places in Europe to work

Great Place to Work Institute ranked 18 firms operating in Denmark

According to the global research and consulting organisation Great Place to Work Institute, a number of companies in Denmark have been listed among the top places to work in Europe.

The Great Place to Work Institute surveyed 700,000 workers across Europe about their workplace well-being, and 18 companies operating in Denmark made the 100 shortlisted across three categories.

In the category ‘Best Small & Medium Workplaces’, for which 50 companies were listed, the Centre for Social Psychiatry in Lolland was ranked 10th while Middelfart Sparekasse (25), Delegate (31), Mjølner Informatics (34), Hartmanns (40), Abakion (42), Lodam Electronics (43), Pentia (45) and Herning Municipality Dental Services (48) also featured.

“We are talking about workplaces that focus on creating a good work atmosphere with a high degree of trust, pride and community,” Ditte Vigsø, the head of Great Place to Work’s Danish department, told TV2 News.

“These are values that fit seamlessly with Danish culture, where the distance between leaders and workers is far closer than in southern Europe, and where employees expect to more involved in the decision-making process.”

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Multinationals thriving
In the category ‘Best Large Workplaces’, for which the top 25 were listed, energy provider EnergiMidt was ranked 4th and Beierholm was ranked 6th.

And among the 25 companies listed in the category ‘Best Multinational Workplaces’, candy producer Mars was ranked 1st, while EMC (3), Adecco (5), Abbvie (8), Hilti (10) and H & M (11) also scored well.