Local high school dropping grades for first year pupils

The move has led to a host of positive changes

The administration at Øregård Gymnasium in Copenhagen have decided to drop the 7-point grading system for all first year pupils for the fist six months of their schooling.

The gymnasium’s leadership, which believes that the move will allow students to focus on what they’re learning instead of what they’re scoring, said that the experiment has so far generated positive results.

What’s in a number?
The move has led to a host of welcome changes – including less absenteeism, more class and group participation and an increased motivation to learn.

“Students can better challenge themselves academically when they focus on what they are learning rather than on the numbers [they are being graded with],” Birgitte Hansen, deputy rector of Øregård Gymnasium, told Berlingske.

The students are still graded for classes they finish with in the first year – however, for all others, they are only given constructive feedback.