Award-winning event company launches new treasure hunts in the heart of Copenhagen

Ever wanted to take a peak inside the Danish royal closet to see what skeletons you might discover?

If you’re in the mood for some intrigue this summer, renowned Danish event and games company, Mystery Makers, has got you covered – join them in the heart of Copenhagen, at Kongens Have, as they hunt for royal secrets.

The new concept, which will invite guests to uncover royal skeletons by solving riddles and mysteries, might just lead them to discovering a thing or two about themselves along the way.

Stranger than fiction
Danish history is nothing if not interesting, and this is what the event organizers want to bring to the forefront.

“There are so many stories and secrets from the Kings’ lives that we can reflect on and learn from –  and often these stories are wilder than Game of Thrones,” said Christian Irgens, deputy director of Mystery Makers.

“Imagine if the statues in the garden could speak – they would no doubt tell stories of centuries of the abuse of power, scandals, as well as great love affairs.”

Mads Lind, game designer and director of Mystery Makers, revealed his commitment to what he terms ‘edubrainment’.

“It’s Danish culture and history in an entertaining fashion – where everyone can join in,” he said.

“We make puzzle-based experiences that put the visitor in the centre of the experience. We call it ‘enterbrainment’ as it is both entertaining and thought provoking.”

The English version of the treasure hunt is set to take place in two weeks and 100 people have already pre-booked spots – so you might what to head on over to to make sure you’re not missing out on all the fun.