Bornholm needs to be more accessible

As Folkemødet 2016 fades into the rearview mirror, a port director worries that it is still too hard to get there

It should be easier to travel to and from Bornholm. That is the message Ystad Port director Björn Boström wants both Swedish and Danish politicians to absorb as this year’s Folkemødet wraps up.

“We need politicians on both sides of the border to realise that the Øresund Region, or Greater Copenhagen as it is now called, includes not only Copenhagen and Malmö, but also Bornholm and Ystad,” said Boström.

“It is vital that the trip between Ystad and Denmark be easier, with better infrastructure and more ferries.”

Price and convenience key
About 96 percent of all travellers to and from Bornholm, make the trip through Sweden and sail from Ystad Harbour to Rønne. Boström said that Danish and Swedish politicians need to smooth the border ‘bumps’ that slow down the trip.

The port director said that more departures were a necessity as was the need to keeping the price of the trip down.

“If ferry tickets are inexpensive, that of course makes people happy, but if there is only one departure, it almost doesn’t matter,” he said.