More and more doctors closing practices well before retirement age

Mounting pressure and an increased workload are to blame, according to the Danish Medical Association

Rising levels of dissatisfaction with working conditions, especially in rural areas, is causing more and more doctors to close their practices well before they reach the age of retirement, according to the Danish Medical Association (PLO).

During the last four years, the percentage of practitioners who have sold their practices before reaching the age of retirement has increased from 29 percent to 35 percent – something that could have devastating consequences for the rural communities most affected, DR reports.

Under pressure
Doctors are simply under too much pressure, feels Gunver Lillevang, from PLO.

“There is a tendency that people get so overwhelmed that they think: No, I’d rather do something else,” she said.

She believes municipalities risk losing more and more doctors quitting unless they can put into place reforms that would ease their workload.

“I’m willing to bet that many doctors are keeping an eye on the upcoming wage negotiations in 2017,” she said.