A new app to help locals guide tourists around Copenhagen

Guide Catch allows locals to offer specialised tours to visitors coming to the capital

Guide Catch – an international sharing economy platform – is releasing a new social travelling application in Copenhagen that will be available for download on iOS, Android and Windows from July 1.

The app gives Copenhageners the opportunity to become guides in their own city and allows them to arrange, promote and sell their own tours and events, which can be booked by tourists almost instantly.

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Ghetto, history and food tours
A number of private persons and companies such as Ghetto Tours, Famfit, Copenhagen Food Tours and History Tours have already joined the concept and offer travellers from around the world a very unique Copenhagen experience.

The app permits organisers to choose when their tours or events will take place and how much to charge for them.

Eventually, all offers will be divided into categories such as sports, culture, art, food, photography, nature, wildlife and more.

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Plans to expand
Guide Catch is founded by Fatiha Thiam, who has worked in a number of large international corporations in Denmark and the UK.

Thiam was joined by two investors with experience in IT and law and the whole team now counts about ten employees.

By the end of this year, the startup aims to launch the app in London and has plans to expand to other European and US cities in 2017.

CEO and founder, Fatiha Thiam
CEO and founder, Fatiha Thiam