Denmark goes on vacation

Today is the biggest travel day of the year as many Danes head out on their holidays

As school bells ring out across the country for today’s final school day, Denmark’s travel industry is preparing for the deluge of people looking to get somewhere fast.

“Friday (today) is a really big travel day for Danes,” Copenhagen Airport spokesperson Kasper Hyllested told Metroxpress. “We will have about 100,000 people through the airport today where we have about 70,000 on a normal day.”

Plan ahead
Hyllested said that with that kind of volume, delays of some kind are almost unavoidable but that things can run more smoothly if travellers plan ahead.

“We have a rule of thumb that says that if you have to travel within Europe, arrive two hours before, and if you are travelling outside Europe, make it three hours before,” said Hyllested.

No Nutella, please
Hyllested also recommended checking things that should be common knowledge by now, but often get lost in the shuffle.

“Something we see often is that even though there have been laws regarding liquids in carry-on luggage in place for over 10 years, people still pack the wrong sizes in their carry-ons,” he said. “That slows up the security lines.”

Hyllested mentioned that Danes often try to carry things like full glass jars of Nutella in their carry-on luggage.

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Travellers should expect Copenhagen Airport to be “extraordinarily busy” for the next 30 days.