PM: Brexit will not lead to Dexit

Rasmussen laments the result, but respects UK’s decision

The Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, has revealed that the British decision to leave the EU will not change Denmark’s relationship with the union.

“The EU is the best way to have a say in this world we belong to, in good times and in bad times,” said Rasmussen.

“We can make some things better on our own, but we are stronger together. Denmark and the Danish economy is deeply dependent on the European Union.”

Very sad result
Although he said he would respect the vote of the British majority, Rasmussen clearly did not favour the result.

“It’s no secret that I find the result very sad for Europe and for Denmark. It will now be up to the British government to pave the road ahead for the UK. I hope the UK still wishes to maintain close ties to the EU.” he said.

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No Danish vote
A British vote to leave the EU will not mean a similar referendum in Denmark, despite predictions by national and international media, the prime minister contended.

“We should reflect over the British referendum. The EU will have to think this through, but will it lead to Denmark leaving the EU? No, it will not. From an objective standpoint, it will be in Denmark’s best interest to remain,” said Rasmussen.

“Our welfare was created by the union. Denmark is not Great Britain.”