Danish bar patrons hospitalised with burns

Night on the town goes seriously wrong

At least three patrons from Bubba’s Bar in Middelfart were hospitalised on Sunday at Odense University Hospital on Funen. The patients had all suffered pain or a burning sensation after consuming some sort of corrosive content at the bar/nightclub that caused, among other things, sores, peeling on the tongue, mucous membranes, and sore throats.

The case is being investigated by Funen Police, and the Fødevarestyrelsen food authority is asking any other patron who may have been affected to get in contact and seek help from their doctor.

“At least three guests have been hospitalised with severe burns,” wrote Fødevarestyrelsen. “The corrosive content may have been in different drinks.”

Owner looking into case
Bubba’s owner Mike Juhl Jensen said that the club is working to find the source of the corrosive content.

“We are currently working flat out to find out what has happened,” Jensen told fyens.dk. “Right now it appears there was a specific product involved.”

Jensen said the club is itself aware of seven or eight guests who were affected, but that he was not ready to speculate that someone had deliberately spiked the drinks. The staff is currently looking at video surveillance to try and establish the cause.

Police have suspicions
Funen Police told Fredericia Dagblad it had some theories as to what is behind the injuries, but it was not ready to go public with the suspicions.