DF to Løkke: Either promise a referendum or resign

Danish PM under the cosh for describing Brexit as “a sad result for Europe and Denmark”

Several Dansk Folkeparti (DF) members have given PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen an ultimatum: either promise to hold a referendum on Denmark’s future membership in the EU or step down as the country’s prime minister.

This news comes despite DF leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl recently saying it is too early to hold a similar vote in Denmark.

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Are you in or or you out?
Erik Høgh-Sørensen, a DF parliamentary member based in northern Jutland, is leading the charge.

Citing a recent poll carried out by Epinion, which found that 34 percent of Venstre’s own electorate would like to see a referendum on Danish membership in the EU now that Britain has chosen to leave, Høgh-Sørensen condemned Løkke’s statement, calling Brexit “a sad result for Europe and Denmark”.

Høgh-Sørensen contends that the PM’s refusal to agree to a Danish referendum means he is unfit to lead the blue bloc.

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“If Løkke refuses to listen to the majority of Danish voters who want direct democracy and a referendum on the EU, he isn’t a worthy prime minister,” Høgh-Sørensen told Ekstra Bladet.

A number of other DF members back Høgh-Sørensen – including Hans Henrik Ramsgaard Sørensen, an MP in Randers, and Arne Nødgaard, the brother of one of DF’s founding members, Poul Nødgaard.