Partying graduates attacked throughout Copenhagen

Rocks, eggs and acid thrown at students as they made their way through the streets

As the traditional truckloads of festive graduates made their way through Copenhagen last weekend, some neighbourhoods greeted the celebrating students in a shocking fashion.

Rocks, eggs and even acid were thrown at the graduates as they rode on the backs of the trucks. Students from VUC in Hvidovre in Copenhagen were attacked as they passed through the Avedøre neighbourhood by what the students estimated were “three or four” young men.

“We were hit with eggs from the right,” graduate Steven Knap told BT. “It was completely gratuitous and it was like they were waiting for us.”

Snap said that every person on the truck was hit by flying eggs.

“People are shocked,” he said. “The mood and our clothes were ruined.”

Not over yet
Just as the grduates collected themselves, they were assaulted again as they reached the Tingbjerg neighbourhood.

“Then we were hit by stones,” said Knap. “This is a sad development in society.”

A separate violent attack on a different group of students occurred in Copenhagen’s Amager neighbourhood – also on Friday.

Several truckloads of graduates were blocked by a group of young people who then bombarded them with eggs, flour and oil. The attack happened just as the students from Ørestad Gymnasium left one of the first stops on their party route.

Acid attack
Perhaps the most serious attack occurred when two students were sprayed in the eyes with liquid acid by someone wielding a water pistol from a passing car.

“Both of my eyes and my face started to burn wildly,” said 19-year-old Mia. “I could not see anything and I could not open my eyes.”

Another student said that she saw a water pistol out of the window of a dark car that drove past the truck.

“They sprayed liquid towards our truck, and suddenly I heard Mia shout and scream,” said the student.

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The acid attack has been reported to Copenhagen Police.