Group of volunteers to use fake profiles to capture paedophiles

The group has helped convict three people and has reportedly gathered a lot of evidence against many others

A group of volunteers on social media are creating fake profiles in a bid to identify and capture adult men preying on children in Denmark.

The organisation Tryg Ungdom believes that more needs to be done to tackle the growing problem of paedophiles in Denmark, DR reports.

“Many talk about the problem, but not enough actively do something to expose paedophiles,” said Tryg Ungdom president Michael Hedegaard. 

“The police are doing a good job, but they have so much else on their plates.”

On the hunt
Among other things, the group will create a number of fake profiles in a bid to gather evidence that they will then hand over to police.

“We have helped in the capture of three people and have collected a lot of material on a few others,” said Hedegaard.

Illegal tactics? 
Southern Jutland Police has responded by claiming that while it cannot comment on the group’s activities until a formal review has been carried out, it is concerned it may use illegal tactics to try and trap the paedophiles.

“We are concerned there may well be illegalities that are being encouraged that would otherwise not take place”, said communications consultant Helle Lundberg.

However, Tryg Ungdom has denied this is the case.