Improving relations between the US and Cuba making life difficult for Danish tourists

Shifa Rahaman
June 28th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

A classic case of too many cooks spoiling the ajiaco cubano

Danes hoping to travel to Cuba may be in for some unpleasant surprises: ever since relations between the United States and the island nation have warmed up, Danes are finding it much harder than before to secure their spot at the table.

Americans are now traveling to Cuba in droves, and the demand for the dollar means that most hotels are fully booked and transport has become more complicated.

No longer a dream destination
The travel agency Hannibal Rejser has been monitoring the situation and is no longer suggesting Cuba as a travel destination to Danes interested in going on holiday.

It is no longer a destination I suggest to people,” said Jesper Hannibal.

There are too many bumps in the road now, and if you’re not prepared to deal with them, you’re better off finding other destinations.”

Niels Amstrup from the travel agency Jyske Rejsebureau also chimed in, saying that the interest in traveling to Cuba among Danes has fallen between 10 and 20 percent compared to last year.


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