Roskilde Festival sold out

For the first time sine 2009, every type of Roskilde ticket is gone

The 2016 Roskilde Festival is sold out. For the first time in seven years all the multi-day and single day tickets have been sold. The last ticket was sold on Tuesday night. All 80,000 festival passes had already sold out in early June.

“We have a fantastic program,” said festival spokesperson Christina Bilde. “The music and the entire package is extremely strong.”

Rain not a problem
Although current forecasts promise rain for every single day of the festival, Bilde said that spirits remain high across the grounds.

“The weather does matter, but it is not everything,” she said. “It’s great that a little rain doesn’t scare people away from coming to the festival.”

Headliners at this year’s Roskilde Festival include rock legend Neil Young, PJ Harvey and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.