Too many Danes go to the doctor with harmless insect bites

New video aims to cut down on unnecessary visits

Summertime in Denmark brings out plenty of bees, wasps, horseflies, mosquitoes and other biting insects, increasing the number of people heading off to casualty, positive that death or at least serious illness is just around the corner.

A new video (in Danish) from Region Midtjylland hopes to teach people that it is quite normal for some insect bites to be painful and itchy for as much as a week.

“We want to prevent people from sitting and waiting in casualty or for their own doctor over something that just isn’t serious,” Niels Guldager, a doctor and medical consultant in Region Midtjylland, told DR Nyhder

Allergies rare, but serious
Guldager said that very few people actually have allergies to insect stings, and they are probably already familiar with the symptoms

“A severe allergic reaction will make one so ill that a doctor’s visit will be necessary,” he said.

Although he hopes the video will calm the overly-nervous types, Guldager did recommend that anyone in doubt to get in touch with a doctor.