Danes changing holiday plans over terrorism fears

Polls say people are staying away and travel agents report that bookings are down

The terrorist attack on Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, along with other recent acts of terror in Turkey, has led to one in eight Danes changing their holiday plans.

In a Megafon poll for TV2 News, 13 percent of the 1,218 respondents said they completely agree or mostly agree that incidents over the last year have changed the way they planned trips to holiday destinations abroad due to a fear of terrorism.

Tuesday’s attack at the airport killed 41 people and wounded hundreds of others.

Old favourites and new destinations
Danes are now dropping summer trips to Turkey and choosing to head to Greece and Spain for some sun instead.

“There have been large changes in Danish travel patterns,” Star Tours spokesperson Nikolai Johnsen told TV2 News. “They are looking for security. Spanish destinations are very popular.”

Star Tours has seen a 20 percent fall in trips to Turkey since last year, while the demand for travel to destinations like Ibiza and Cyprus has increased by 80 and 20 percent respectively.

The decline in interest for Turkey has been a boon for Bulgaria, which is becoming an alternative destination.

“The Black Sea coast is making a comeback,” said Peder Hornshøj, the head of Bravo Tours.

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Spies Travel also acknowledged that while interest in Turkey is fading, trips to Bulgaria are increasing.

“It’s the destination that has grown the most for us over the years,” said Carlos Cebrian from Spies. “Interest has actually doubled.”

Stay safe says ministry
The Danish Foreign Ministry changed its travel advice for Turkey on Wednesday. It now warns of a high risk of a terrorist attack. Danes are urged to avoid or minimise spending any time in places where large groups of people are gathered.