Dogs ready to help justice minister sniff out mobile phones in prisons

It is the first time that dogs have been trained for this purpose in the Nordics

Ever since it was revealed that the perpetrators of the Copenhagen terror attacks in 2015 had access to illegal mobile phones in prison, the justice minister, Søren Pind, has been on a mission to sniff them out.

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He presented 21 initiatives that aimed to counter the problem – and now, one of them is ready and all set to be deployed, and it will involve some literal sniffing.

The Danish Prison and Probation Service has just certified the first two dogs that will be used to hunt down mobile phones in prisons.

“It is a historic day, and it’s very exciting to be a part of something new. This is the first time that we in the Nordics have trained dogs to find mobile phones,”  dog handler Jørgen Hansen told DR.

The two dogs in question are retired narcotic detection dogs aged nine and ten.