Five months on from controversial law, Danish police finally seize valuables from asylum-seekers

Cash seized for the first time under controversial law that allows police to confiscate valuables

Danish police have confiscated valuables from some asylum-seekers – their first seizure since the passing of the controversial law allowing them to do so five months ago.

However, the circumstances were perhaps a little different from those envisaged by protesters against the law.

According to Rigspolitiet spokesman Per Fiig, two men and three women were carrying dollars and euros worth about 129,600 kroner when they were arrested late on Tuesday at Copenhagen Airport using forged passports.

“The Danish police pay daily attention to whether the asylum-seekers and foreigners have assets ​​that can help to finance the cost of their stay,” Fiig said. “We have now found valuables that could be seized for that purpose.

First enforcement
The law allows police to search asylum-seekers arriving in Denmark and confiscate any non-essential items worth more than 10,000 kroner that have no sentimental value to their owner. The asylum-seekers from Iran were allowed to keep 30,000 kroner and asked to hand over 79,600 Danish kroner.

Fiig confirmed this was the first time that the law had been enforced since it took effect in February. The members of the group immediately sought asylum.

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The law has been controversial in Denmark and attracted international criticism.