Number of Brits seeking Danish and Swedish citizenship has risen since Brexit

Swedish authorities received a whopping 104 applications, while Denmark was less popular with only 26 applicants

Both the Danish and Swedish authorities have seen a rise in the number of Brits inquiring about Danish and Swedish citizenship procedures following Britain’s vote to leave the EU last Thursday.

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“We have, since the results of the referendum in the UK came out [last Friday], received 26 applications for citizenship from British nationals,” the Ministry of Integration confirmed in an email to BT.

In comparison, only 19 Brits become Danish citizens in 2015.

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The Swedish authorities have seen a similar rise in interest. Sveriges Radio announced on June 27 that the authorities had received a whopping 104 applications for Swedish citizenship since the results of the referendum were announced.

“This is a new record for the span of one week – but it is still too early to say whether this is a trend that will continue,” Annette Grafen Silander, the head of the citizenship department at Sweden’s migration board, said regarding the situation.