Danes going on holiday are being advised to confirm their credit cards have purchase protection plans

Shifa Rahaman
July 6th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

700 Danes, who booked holidays with the now-bankrupt travel agency Hansen Rejser, are seeking compensation from Rejsegarantifonden

Rejsegarantifonden, Denmark’s travel guarantee fund, has just announced that it will not be compensating the 700 Danes who booked holidays with the now-bankrupt travel agency Hansen Rejser.

The fund, which only covers package holidays and, in some cases, flight tickets, will be unable to offer compensation for the hotel accommodation most customers have booked through the agency.

For everything else, there’s Mastercard
Rejsegarantifonden has instead asked customers to get in touch with the hotels directly, to see if they can cancel their bookings. If that proves difficult, their only other option is to call their credit card company and hope their cards have a generous purchase protection plan.

“If they’ve paid with a Mastercard [or the like], then they hopefully have good travel insurance. So they should contact their bank and see if they can apply to have the money returned,” Birgitte Fjeldhoff, director of Rejsegarantifonden, told DR.


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