Copenhagen Police levy charges against media house in ‘historical’ case

The charges relate to sections of the penal code dealing with cyber crime

In what is being termed a ‘historical’ case, Copenhagen West Regional Police have levied charges against eight people and the media house Aller Media A / S, publishers of the tabloid magazine, Se og Hør.

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“This has been an investigation of historical scale and we have today indicted Aller Media A / S for violating sections of the penal code,” said Morten Frederiksen, special prosecutor with Copenhagen West Regional Police.

“This is a charge rarely used against the media and we are now looking forward to trying the case in court.

Slander and fraud
Some of the eight people accused reportedly sought employment with PBS / IMB in order to access the credit card information of public figures and sell the details to staff at Se of Hør.

They have been indicted on charges relating to the violation of penal code § 263, paragraph 3 and penal code § 263, paragraph 2, which both pertain to cyber crime.

In addition, a portion of the group have been charged with the violation of penal code § 264c for having been in receipt of classified information and using it unlawfully.