Eleven Eritreans arrested in connection with double killing

Two bodies found in Frederiksværk in northwest Zealand

It’s been a busy day at Hillerød Court following the arrest on Wednesday of eleven people in connection with the discovery of two bodies in Frederiksværk in northwest Zealand. All of the suspects, and the victims, are Eritrean.

Woman’s throat slit
Eight suspects – five men and three women – have today been charged with killing a 27-year-old woman, who was found dead on Wednesday morning in an apartment in Frederiksværk.

As things stand, the case against them can only establish that “a sharp tool” was used to slit the woman’s throat.

Man found in forest
Earlier on the same day, a 29-year-old man’s body was found in Vinderød Forest in Frederiksværk. After speaking to three of the occupants living at the man’s home, police were taken to another address where they found the dead woman.

Police have not yet been able to establish the nature of the relationship between the two deceased.

UPDATE: The police have released the eight suspects without charge, along with the other three people in custody, after establishing that the male victim took his own life after murdering the Eritrean woman.