Woman uses MobilePay to spend 16,000 kroner of cheating boyfriend’s money

She has now been sentenced to 30 days in prison on charges of theft

In news that should give all financially conservative but sexually free-spirited spouses pause for thought, a woman decided to get revenge on her boyfriend by spending as much of his money as possible after discovering his infidelity.

Frederiksborg Amts Avis reported that the woman in question, who was in possession of her significant other’s credit card details, used them to set up an account on MobilePay. She then proceeded to spend upwards of 16,000 kroner on new clothes for herself.

Expensive affair
Her boyfriend later reported her to the police, and she was charged with theft. It emerged in court that while she had managed to purchase some items using his money, the woman had spent significantly less than the amount she at first claimed to have used.

She has since been sentenced to 30 days in prison. Here’s hoping it was still worth it.