Danish politicians condemn terror attack in Nice

No Danish casualties have been reported

Danish politicians have condemned last night’s terror attack during the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, southern France, where a lorry drove into a crowd of people, killing at least 84.

“Last night hatred and cynicism hit Europe once again. While the wounds from the November attack have not yet completely healed, France has been hit again. We all have been hit,” the prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said in a statement.

“The assault is not just an attack on France. It is a clear attack on the values ​​our society is based on. Joy and life were shattered amid the celebrations of the origins of democracy and human rights.”

Other Danish politicians have also expressed grief and sympathy for the bereaved on Twitter.

“Tragedy in Nice, where many innocent [people] were killed during the national day celebrations. So terrible. Our thoughts go to the injured and bereaved,” wrote the leader of Radikale, Morten Østergaard.

“Terrible, cowardly and despicable attack on men, women and children in Nice. My thoughts go to the victims and their relatives,” wrote Nicolai Wammen, the political spokesman for Socialdemokraterne.

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Festive atmosphere
Two Danish journalists witnessed the terror attack that took place shortly after 22:30 on the seafront in Nice, where thousands of people watched a firework marking France’s day of independence.

Thomas Kristensen, a sports journalist from TV2, found himself just 15 metres from the place where the truck ploughed through a crowd of people.

“There was a festive atmosphere and everyone was happy. And suddenly we heard a bang and there was a lorry driving through a cordon. That split second from when it hit the cordon was one of the longest I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

People then started shouting “bomb” and “attack” and began to panic and run away from the area, described the tragic event Kristensen.

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No Danish victims
Meanwhile, a DR journalist, Joakim Frøsig, was in the building right next to the spot, where the truck hit the crowd just a few minutes after the big fireworks ended.

“It was driving at high speed with the lights off,” Frøsig told DR.

No Danish casualties have been reported and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised all Danes in the area to follow the instructions of local authorities.