Thousands of cruise ship tourists flocking to Copenhagen

They appreciate the short distance between the harbour and the city centre, says expert

Some 740,000 cruise ship tourists are expected to visit Copenhagen this year, according to figures from Cruise Copenhagen Network.

It is 60,000 more than in 2015.

“Hotels, restaurants and attractions will surely be pleased and I guess some [of the tourists] will also go out and shop a bit,” Claus Bødker, a cruise commander at Cruise Copenhagen Network, told DR.

According to statistics, cruise ship visitors annually spend about 700 million kroner in the Danish capital.

Tourists especially appreciate the short distance between the harbour and the city centre, explained Bødker.

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Meanwhile, reservations for next year suggest that this year’s turnout will be largely exceeded in 2017.

“We can already see that about 850,000 cruise ship tourists will visit the city next year,” Bødker noted.

“So many have never come here before.”

The current record was broken in 2012, during which 840,000 cruise ship tourists visited the capital.