Post Danmark changing traditional colours

Yellow postal vehicles and classic red postman uniforms will be blue

Traditional symbols of Danish postal services – yellow vehicles and red postman uniforms – will soon disappear from the streets.

Post Danmark has decided to replace the classic colours with blue as part of its merger with the Swedish postal service Posten AB.

“Sweden has already changed the [traditional] yellow colour of postman uniforms to blue and we have now launched the same process at home,” Peter Kjaer Jensen, the head of PostNord Denmark, told Finans.

“We have to show the Danes that we are now part of a large Nordic holding.”

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According to Jensen, other traditional Danish postal symbols, such as the red mailboxes and post horns will remain unchanged for now.

In June 2009, Post Danmark and Post AB formed a new holding company PostNord, where the Swedish state owns 60 percent of the shares, while the Danish state controls the remaining 40 percent.