Ambulance company in southern Jutland going bankrupt

Region Syddanmark is prepared to take over the services

The Dutch rescue company Bios that has been providing ambulance services in southern Jutland and in Funen since last September has filed for bankruptcy today.

Ever since Bios took over the rescue services from its rival Falck, the company has struggled to provide the agreed number of ambulances and had to pay both fines and extra bills from the rescue company Responce, which has been covering for Bios’ lack of vehicles.

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Unable to pay
On top of that, Bios has by mistake received an extra month of pay from Region Syddanmark, which demanded the money back as soon as the error was discovered.

However, the financially-stricken company is unable to pay the 31,5 million kroner back at once and has instead asked for a repayment scheme over a year.

Region Syddanmark has declined the proposal because it would have been illegal.

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Region will take over
Stephanie Lose, the chairwoman at Region Syddanmark, said the region is “prepared for all scenarios” and will take over the ambulance services if need be.

“When the bankruptcy is filed, a curator will take over the operation on the region’s expense,” Lose told Jyllands-Posten.

The regional council will hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow to discuss the future of ambulance services in the region.