Contentious new bridge suffers another fiasco

Inderhavnsbroen malfunction strands 170 ferry passengers

First Copenhagen’s notorious inner-harbour bridge Inderhavnsbroen was delayed three years before finally opening this summer. Now trouble is afoot once again.

The bridge was unable to open on Sunday, thus leaving some 170 passengers stranded on the Hven Ferry, which was unable to leave the city harbour.

“It grotesque,” ferry owner Kirsten Rønn Madsen told TV2 News. “My blood pressure is dangerously high.”

“We’ve experienced it before, but it’s never taken more than 15-20 minutes before it was opened again. This time nothing happened. This can have massive financial consequences for us. We’d been promised by the municipality and harbour operators By & Havn that this wouldn’t happen.”

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Tech on the case
After waiting for the bridge to open for an hour, the ferry was forced to unload all its passengers onto land again.

According to Copenhagen Municipality, the source of the problem has been identified and a technician is working on the case.