Pokémon hunters taking over Copenhagen playground

Parents say Pikachu-obsessed players are scaring small children away

Rabid Pokémon Go players have descended on an Amager playground in such numbers that local children and parents no longer feel welcome or safe.

Since the Danes have joined the rest of the world in becoming obsessed with the alternative reality game, the playground on Smyrnavej has become a prime hunting ground for those searching for Pikachu and his minions.

Pokémon Go away!
Parents say the players are driving out smaller children and are asking the municipality to step in and set some boundaries.

“The playground has been consumed by Pokémon hunters,” wrote Copenhagen Municipality on its Facebook page. “Dear Pokémon hunters: enjoy the city, but take others into account during the hunt.”

Allan Kornbaek Thomsen lives in the area, and he agrees the Pokémon hordes have taken over.

“We live next to the playground and can only say that it has been invaded,” Thomsen told TV2 Lorry. “We cannot find a bench to sit on since Pokémon Go arrived.”

Out of the way kid, that’s a Zapdos!
Another local said it was “strange to see the playground filled with adults unaccompanied by children, sitting, smoking cigarettes and eating pizza”.

The Pokémon hunters themselves don’t see the problem.

“It is a public place and most come after children’s bedtime, so there’s room for everyone,” said Line Bødker.

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The playground is apparently a prime spot for rare Pokémons that attract players from all over.