Young Danish women battling psychological issues

Half of all Danish women aged 18-34 are struggling with some form of psychological problem, according to a new report from the humanitarian organisation Psykiatrifonden.

But despite the harrowing figures, treating and preventing problems among children and young people is often on the back foot. Many are not ill enough to receive treatment and also not well enough to take on the demands of an education.

“When you make a psychological diagnosis, you often have to fulfil some specific conditions for an illness,” Anne Lindhardt, the head of Psykiatrifonden, told Information newspaper.

“But even though they might not have all the symptoms required to make a diagnosis, many of the youngsters are in a bad way.”

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Lacking resources
The consequences are that most young people – those, for example, who have serious symptoms pertaining to psychological issues like angst, depression and self-harm – have nowhere to turn.”

National advocacy organisation Dansk Psykologforening agreed and contended that it is common for the psychological problems experienced by children and young people to develop into serious psychological illnesses because the municipalities have no solutions or offers available for them.