Home births sky rocketing in Denmark

A record 1,128 gave birth at home last year

More Danish women are choosing to give birth in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes.

According to recent birth statistics in Denmark, 1,128 women gave birth at home last year, accounting for 2 percent of all births – twice as many as five years ago.

“Some families talk about not wanting their births to be associated with illness, which they believe is the case at hospitals,” Joan Dürr, the head midwife at Aarhus University Hospital, told Politiken newspaper.

“They feel the opportunity to give birth naturally is better achieved at home.”

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Becoming safer
At Aarhus University Hospital the increase in home births looks set to continue this year. About 250 are expected – well up from the around 50 they saw a few years ago.

According to home birth expert Karen Ingversen, there is increasing evidence to suggest, in terms of uncomplicated births, it is just as safe to give birth at home than in a hospital.

Births at home are less likely to require stimulation or caesarian sections, contended Ingversen, who is part of the research project Nordic Home Birth.