Copenhagen Airport struggling with baggage chaos

Loads of passengers forced to go home without their luggage

Travelling through Copenhagen Airport is usually a painless affair. As one of Europe’s most efficient, its security lines are relatively quick and you can usually get to your gate in minutes. But this week has been a trying time for passengers.

Passengers arriving at the airport this week have encountered abnormally long waiting delays when waiting for their baggage.

“Since about 19:00 tonight, we have experienced irregularities with out baggage operations,” Kasper Hyllested, the head of communications at Copenhagen Airport, told DR Nyheder yesterday evening.

“It means the baggage delivery is very unstable. There are a lot of people out there and we apologise. Unfortunately a short circuit has impacted on a large percentage of the baggage delivery.”

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Luggage delivered later
The delays were so significant that a number of passengers were told to go home without their luggage, which would be sent to them at a later time.

The airport got its baggage system up and running again at around 21:45 last night, but loads of luggage had accumulated that the airport had yet to deliver.

It is yet unknown when the baggage service will return to normal.