Danish companies building more abroad

In one year, turnover has shot up by almost 10 percent

As Danish exports continue to rise, so has the number of new construction projects launched outside its borders.

According to a new report from construction advocacy organisation Dansk Byggeri, Danish companies enjoyed a turnover of almost 4.4 billion kroner last year – an increase of 9.5 percent compared to the year before.

“It’s primarily in Europe where we see Danish construction companies secure more jobs, and the increase is mostly down to harbour projects, roads or bridges,” said Henriette Thuen, the international head of Dansk Byggeri.

“It fits well with us having some large construction companies that have been netting projects abroad for many years and have the experience and references documenting their skills within their field.”

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East, west, Europe’s best
But despite the positive developments, Danish companies are still struggling when it comes to landing deals outside Europe.

Thuen accredited the unstable Middle East and Africa as reasons why the companies have trouble gaining a foothold in those regions.

See the full report here (in Danish).