Legendary Danish clown going for another world record

Pjerrot is aiming to perform over 170 magic tricks in 60 minutes

Next week, Denmark’s most iconic clown Pjerrot will attempt to break his own world record for the number of magic tricks performed within an hour.

The Bakken-based clown, who set a world record by performing 170 magic tricks in 60 minutes in 2011, will attempt to beat his record on Thursday August 11 at 19:00 on Bakkens Friluftsscene. Entrance is free, as is usually the case at the amusement park located just north of Copenhagen.

“I have practised and practised – tried out all the tricks, honed them and then tried again,” said Pjerrot.

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Tough judge
The record attempt will be performed in front of the president for the magician association Magisk Cirkel Danmark, who will judge whether every trick lives up to standards.

Every magic trick will also have a small story attached to tie it all together, and any failure on Pjerrot’s part to do so adequately will result in him having to start over with a new trick.

So stop clowning around and come down and lend your support to the jester who has been conjuring up giggles and awe in children at Bakken since 1800.

Unless you suffer from coulrophobia. Then perhaps this event is not for you.