New-look CPH Post print edition to hit newsstands this Thursday

So what’s new? Well, jobs have got their own page, there are more events, and the history page is making a return, but above all, we are striving to be even more relevant and useful to our readership

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our smartphones – or so the surveys tell us. Congratulations if you’re one of the few who can minimise your time online, but still source the news and other information relevant to your career and other needs.

Here at the Copenhagen Post, we’re acutely aware that your time is precious, and our new-look print edition is designed so you can access relevant news at a far quicker speed than via a smartphone.

Invaluable aid
By focusing on news and information that could either affect your career or living circumstances here in Denmark, or enhance your cultural and leisure possibilities, and delivering it in a succinct, accessible manner, we’re confident our print edition is an invaluable aid to internationals in Denmark.

Above everything, we pride ourselves on being a service. Sensational news can sometimes come with the territory, but our main goal is to give you the information that can really make a difference.

New-look edition
Our first edition since the summer break hits the newsstands on Thursday August 11, and there are some changes afoot – not least a jobs page, more event listings, the return of our history page and a revamped film section.

For several years now, we have been experimenting with fewer issues during the off-season, whether it is July and Jul (Christmas). And from now on, we’ll be printing fewer editions – most particularly during the Danish winter – at an average rate of one every two to three weeks.

The change will enable us to produce tighter editions, brimful with relevant material, and to further consolidate and improve our online activities.