A little pocket of hope between the rainclouds

Maiken Rønneberg
August 9th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Pencil August 16-18 into your diaries for some rain-free days (but keep the umbrella handy just in case!)

Temperatures could reach 25 degrees every day of the week (photo: Old Dane)

Copenhagen has been cloudy, windy and wet for most of August – a month that normally encourages the people of Denmark to dress for a trip to the beach, not a journey out on a fishing boat.

But in between the rainclouds forever circling Denmark lies a chink of light – a beacon of hope that something good might be on the horizon, albeit briefly.

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Temperature’s rising
According to Danish Meteorological Institute, August 16-18 will see an improvement in the weather, with temperatures once again rising above 20 degrees – the very minimum any summer day requires to merit that label.

“The weather is getting more stable next week, which means less rain,” explained the acting manager Henning Gisselø from DMI.


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