Roofing work responsible for fire in downtown Aarhus

August 9th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Tar paper blaze forces residents inside

Tar paper the culprit behind a smelly roof fire in Aarhus (photo: OW)

A powerful fire that started on a roof in downtown Aarhus Monday evening prompted authorities to caution residents to remain inside to avoid inhaling the dangerous smoke caused by the blaze.

“The fire happened while someone was putting tar paper on a roof,” acting police commissioner Christian Warner told DR Nyheder. “It was an accident.”

Gas explosion
Propane was being used in conjunction with the roofing work, and several residents said that they heard explosions.

“Shortly after the fire-fighting operation started, there was a loud bang,” said Warner. “It was one of the gas cylinders which is used to burn the tar paper on the roof. It overheated and exploded,” said Warner.

The top five floors of the building where the fire started at about 6:45 yesterday evening were evacuated while firefighters worked to contain it. The top floor of the building was so damaged that residents were forced to find other accommodations for the night.


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