Danish startup building a reputation for itself and the sharing community

Deemly allows users consolidate ratings and reviews across P2P platforms

The Danish startup Deemly is helping the sharing industry build up its reputation by gathering all ratings and reviews into one place.

The Copenhagen-based company’s free reputation site allows users to consolidate ratings and reviews across social networks and P2P (person to person) marketplaces, such as Ebay and Airbnb, thereby increasing transparency and trustworthiness for its users.

“Trust is a huge barrier within the sharing economy,” said Pernille Spang Rasmussen, the head of marketing for Deemly, told the Copenhagen Post.

“We allow users to aggregate their ratings and reviews into one score, a Deemly score. This makes users feel safer when interacting with strangers online. And when the users feel safer, activity within the sharing economy increases.”

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Investment boost
Deemly scores users based on a number of sources using an algorithm that calculates a score from 1-100. Read more at deemly.co.

Deemly was founded about one year ago by its managing director Sara Green Brodersen. Things really began taking off this spring when the company managed to net a million-kroner investment from Syddansk Innovation.