Celebratory new SAS uniforms irk cabin personnel

“Cheap, ugly and sack-like”

Flight attendants for SAS are not happy with the new uniforms the Scandinavian airline is rolling out as part of its 70th birthday celebrations.

Some female members of SAS’s nearly 8,000 strong flight attendant work force are especially unhappy with uniforms that they called “flammable, cheap, sack-like and ugly”.

Swedish cabin crew members had started a petition to urge SAS to reconsider the new uniforms, but it has since been removed. The reason cited for removal on the petition page was “company policy, code of conduct”. Some Danish SAS employees had also signed the petition.

A fashion mis-statement
Before it was removed, commenters on the petition said that the new uniforms are “cheap”. Other complained about the fit and colour.

“Boring fit or, more precisely, no fit at all! I am a woman and should feel proud. This looks like a sack of potatoes.” read another comment.

“How can we do a good job if we feel ugly and worthless?”

Others expressed the more serious concern that the 100 percent polyester uniforms were not at all fire resistant.

“Your bosses must really hate you,” wrote the sister of one SAS flight attendant.

Opinion are like…
SAS spokesperson Cathrine Myhren said that the company is taking the complaints in stride.

It is natural that those who wear the uniform every day will have opinions about it,”she told Ekstra Baldet. “And it is quite natural that among our thousands of employees there would differences of opinion on how the uniform should look.”

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Myhren said that employee opinions about the uniforms had been solicited while they were being created by Swedish workwear designer Ted Bernhardtz.