World’s largest Lego ship?

DFDS hopes the Guinness judges decide they have built the biggest

DFDS hopes to make history tomorrow when it unveils what it believes is the largest ship ever constructed out of Lego.

Company employees from around the world have been pitching in to construct the ship, and judges from the Guinness Book of Records will be present tomorrow to see if they have succeeded in their goal.

A whole lot of bricks
Multiple boxes of Lego blocks were delivered to employees at offices, terminals and ships throughout DFDS. Each ‘section’ were assigned a part of the ship to construct in the company’s trademark blue and white colours. The many separate sections were then sent to Scotland where they were assembled into the finished ship with the help of professional Lego builders.

“All of our nearly 7,000 employees in 21 countries and on board ships have participated with great commitment and creativity,” said DFDS managing director Niels Smedegaard. “We are proud that our bid for the world record has the fingerprints of all of our employees from all locations.”

Wonder if they’ll use a champagne bottle?
DFDS chairman Bent Østergaard and Lauritzen Foundation head Inge Grønvold will christen the ship tomorrow, and judges from the Guinness Book of Records will reveal whether the ship can officially be called the world’s largest LEGO ship. After a tour around Denmark, the ship is heading to the Tall Ship’s Race in Blyth, England.

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The project was supported by the Lauritzen Foundation. The foundation distributes between between 25 and 30 million kroner annually for projects with social, cultural, educational and maritime focus.