SLOW down with late-night botanical cocktails and John Wright from River Cottage

Celebrity chef the guest speaker at the Copenhagen Cooking event this Friday


Join SLOW on Friday evening at ‘Late Night Botanical Cocktails & Talk’, a Copenhagen Cooking event where celebrity chef John Wright from the River Cottage is the guest speaker.

Wright will deliver a talk and demonstration of his homemade botanicals and booze, composing cocktails for everyone to taste at the Frederiksberg venue (Allégade 7) along with snacks.

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Hugh’s right-hand man
As the right-hand man of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, John Wright has become well known in the UK and beyond for his foraging exploits on the River Cottage programs.

Over the last few years he has taken another interest: home brewing and botanicals. He writes an occasional blog in the Guardian on the subject and is preparing a new River Cottage book.

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