Denmark looking to strengthen bonds with Argentina

Exports and potential looking promising in the South American nation

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, is in Argentina this week in a bid to improve relations between the two nations.

Jensen revealed that he would meet with the Argentinian government to discuss a more fruitful political and commercial co-operation and he would also convene with Danish companies operating in the South American nation.

“Argentina is enjoying sturdy political and economic development, which we in Denmark want to support,” said Jensen.

“President Macri has got to grips with the economic chaos and pulled Argentina out of bankruptcy and international isolation. There are new opportunities opening up for Danish companies, which we need to utilise.”

Over the past decade, Denmark’s trade with Argentina has suffered under the nation’s poor economy, economic protectionism and corruption, and practically no new Danish companies have dared to venture into the market. But that’s changing now.

Danish exports to Argentina were at 1.1 billion kroner, and they have increased in 2015 and 2016, particularly boosted via medical and pharmaceutical products.

“There is little doubt that the new government is fostering cautious optimism and Danish exports to Argentina are rising,” said Jensen.

“There is massive potential in South America’s second-largest country. Specifically within green environmental technology, where the Macri government has ambitious plans.”