Rambøll has a strong first half in a difficult market

Engineering company grows despite continuing struggles in the oil and gas industry

The engineering company Rambøll had a stronger first half in 2016 than it did during the same period last year.

Although the company’s revenue of 5.4 billion kroner over the first half of 2016 was largely the same as in 2015, its operating profit more than doubled from  just over 74 million to just under 169 million kroner.

Best in history
“I am pleased that the past 12 months have delivered the best operating results in this company’s history – despite difficult market conditions,” said Rambøll managing director Jens-Peter Saul.

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“Continuing difficulties in oil and natural gas and the as-yet-unknown consequences of Brexit does, however, create uncertainty and risks that we are working hard to counteract.”

Good green
Rambøll has shown particularly strong growth in the Nordic countries –especially in the expanding green energy market.